Tuesday, December 14, 2010


You likely have a definition in mind for "freedom"...or at least a sense of it. My definition of freedom was enriched today, thanks to my 3 1/2 year old. "Freedom" now also includes the following:

The freedom to ask for exactly the help I really want: We had just arrived home and I was getting the baby settled when I hear, "Daddy, I'm pooping!" shouted from the bathroom. About two minutes later comes, "Daddy, wipe my butt!"

The freedom to choose what I think and what I believe: While watching "Bedtime with Elmo" I got to see Elmo and Abby sing, "Just think some happy thoughts and put 'em in your head...and remember this cause it's really true, what you think is up to you."

The freedom to be myself with no reason, justification or explanation: We were playing baby dolls and it was "night time" so we were laying in the guest bed with our baby dolls "pretending" to be asleep. MJ says, "Why are you moving so much?" I reply, "To get comfortable. Why are you moving so much?" MJ says, "Because I move alot. When I have to move I move alot. Thats just how I do."

The freedom to try things out and explore: I was watching MJ and Maaike dance and got to see MJ's abandon and willingness to simply move and try things - without constraint of needing to get the movement "right" or whether she "looked good" as she danced.

What will life be like if i choose to live in this freedom? I want to find out!

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  1. Rob, I am so very happy that you are sharing your experiences this way. I'm honored to get a peek into your life and family. My heart and eyes are full reading MJs words...big words to learn by. Thank you my friend!

  2. Rob,
    So great of you to publish the full time dad perspective. You speak for so many of us, and you do it well. Good on ya!